The efficacy of the Gamaya’s HSI solution for precision farming applications has been studied using the Field Phenotyping Platform (FIP) at the ETH Zurich research station for plant sciences at Eschikon, Lindau, as collaboration between Gamaya and the ETH Zurich Crop Science Laboratory.

Hyperspectral survey of crop field drone-based hyperspectral imaging

Specifically, the spectral data from a set of 34 micro-plots, including a range of different crops (soybean, sunflower, maize and buckwheat), were extracted and correlated with physiological plant properties. We calculated nine spectral indices reported for visible range. The spectral indices were related to leaf nitrogen, chlorophyll and total pigment concentration, canopy cover (fraction of plant per area %), leaf area index and spad (leaf greenness). For each of the mentioned traits good to very good correlations were identified. Gamaya proved that imagery data collected using developed HS sensors can be very accurately correlated with crop properties and translated into actionable information for farmers, i.e. nitrogen fertilization rates. Based on this information, the farmers can decide to treat, irrigate and fertilize at variable rates.

Cropping area under the Field Phenotyping Platform (FIP) of the Group of Crop Science at the ETH Research Station for Plant Sciences Lindau-Eschikon, ETH Zurich. Please move the slider below to compare the RGB (left) versus the Principal Component Analysis (PCA)-based imagery obtained using the Gamaya’s HS sensor.