Gamaya, a Swiss company that provides an integrated solution for management and diagnostics of farmland, has been nominated #3 of the best newcomers of TOP-100 Best Swiss Startups 2015. Each year, launches the TOP 100 Startup Award. From over 100.000 young companies, the 100 most innovative and promising Swiss startups are picked by top startup experts. More information about the Top-100 Startup Award is available here.

Gamaya, which is called by organizers a fine crop analyst, utilises a unique combination of drone and airplane-based hyperspectral imaging, and environmental data (weather, soil sampling) complemented by analytical methodology that facilitates unprecedented level of situational awareness. Our core offering is detection and diagnostics of stress (mechanical damage, nutrient deficiency, water stress, soil compaction), early detection of disease and pests, monitoring of growth for optimization of fertilization, as well as prediction of yield.