Gamaya plans to launch commercial field trials with several large industrial growers of soybean and corn in Brazil starting from the mid-November this year. The field trials will be performed throughout the growing season to cover all stages of crop development.

Gamaya, a Swiss innovative startup in the field of smart farming, provides agronomists and farmers with the solution for monitoring and diagnostics of issues affecting crops, including disease, nutrient deficiency and environmental stresses. Gamaya’s solution empowers farmers to achieve significant economic gains including 30% increase in yield, 40% decrease in costs of fertilizers and chemicals, as well as 70% decrease in crop-disease related risks, all of which facilitates the production of quality products and reduces negative environmental impact.

Gamaya plans to launch commercial field trials with several large industrial growers of soybean and corn in Brazil starting from the end of November this year. The main purpose of the field trials is to finetune the solution and crop analytics methodology in order to be ready for a commercial launch of the services by the mid-2016. The field trials are designed in a way to tackle major issues affecting soybean and corn growers, starting from the early identification of diseases to the diagnostics of nutrient deficiencies and yield prediction. The field trials will be run on several thousands of hectares and will cover all stages of the crop development to provide a comprehensive decision-making support for agronomists and farmers.

Uniqueness of the Gamaya’s solution relies on the enabling hyperspectral imaging technology, which is tightly integrated with data processing software. The camera, that is able to detect what human eye can not see, is specifically designed in a way to run algorithms efficiently and using the minimum data to adjust existing crop models. By analysing the information provided by our decision-support system, it is clear when a plant or the soil needs water or nutrients. Using this information chemicals can be directed to where they are needed, diseases can be identified and yield can be increased.

About Gamaya

Gamaya responds to the need to feed 10bn people by developing an innovative comprehensive framework for large scale analytics of farmland. Our mission is to facilitate symbiotic relationship between the humankind and our environment on a large scale.

Gamaya is a knowledge company that empowers farmers with unprecedented in-depth understanding of their lands and plant health using unique hyperspectral imaging camera, data mining and analytics technology. We translate the data from the camera into actionable information for agricultural businesses using a simple and cost effective hyperspectral remote sensing methodology.

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