Gamaya will be present at techno show Entec 2016, which takes place on 14th of January in Jatai, Goias. The event is organized by Raíz Insumos Agrícolas with a support of Caramuru, the leading Brazilian group in processing soybean, corn, sunflower and canola, and other partner companies.

The aim of the event is to present new technologies for soybean producers, including soybean cultivars, pest management, diseases and plant nutrition, farmland analytics and monitoring solutions, and facilitate the interest of producers in technological development.

Gamaya, a smart farming company, addresses soybean cultivation challenges by providing an integrated solution for large-scale diagnostics of field crops to boost yield productivity. Gamaya created SoyFit, a unique service package for successful industrial soybean producers. SoyFit focuses on the following critical issues for the cultivation:

  • Plant nutrients (i.e. potassium) status during the vegetative period
  • Detection and diagnostics of disease and pests
  • Prediction of yield and crop growth monitoring

Full field awareness with SoyFit is ensured by providing 4 flights throughout the season to target diseases, pests, yield prediction and nutrient optimization and all actionable information of the crop status and ready-to-use prescription maps within maximum 48 hours.

Economic benefits of SoyFit include 7-15% increase in crop yield due to more efficient nutrient distribution and reduction of disease-related loses by 30%, reduction in fertilizer and chemical use by 30%. As a result of using SoyFit during the growing season, the profit margin potential increase is about  10-15%, implying substantial return on investment.

To learn about our offer and order SoyFit for soybean season 2016 contact us now!