Gamaya, successfully participated at the techno show Entec 2016 in Jatai Brazil, organized by Raíz Insumos Agrícolas with a support of Caramuru. Gamaya unveiled its technology and product to a large community of brazilian industrial farmers, who participated in the techno show. We have found a strong interest in the potential benefits of our technology and scheduled a number of follow ups with interested producers.

Gamaya presented its commercial offer for 2 products in Brazil – SoyFit and CornFit, unique service packages for industrial soybean and corn producers. These products focus on the following critical issues for the cultivation:

  • Detection and diagnostics of diseases, pests and weeds
  • Deficiency of macronutrients during the vegetative period
  • Prediction of yield and crop growth monitoring

With SoyFit and CornFit you can easily increase yield productivity, reduce expenses on chemicals and fertilizers, and substantially decrease disease-related losses. Full field awareness with SoyFit and CornFit is ensured by having drone and airplane flights throughout the season to target diseases, pests, weeds, yield prediction and nutrient optimization. This complemented by the actionable information of the crop status and ready-to-use prescription maps to treat identified problems.

SoyFit and CornFit are available in limited quantities this season in Brazil, so be sure to connect with us today to learn more and place your order for 2016!

Short video about the techno show is available below

About Gamaya

Gamaya, a smart farming company, addresses soy and corn cultivation challenges by providing an integrated solution for large-scale diagnostics of field crops to boost yield productivity. Gamaya utilises a unique combination of drone and airplane-based hyperspectral imaging, and environmental data (weather, soil sampling) complemented by analytical methodology that facilitates unprecedented level of situational awareness. Our core offering is detection and diagnostics of stress (mechanical damage, nutrient deficiency, water stress, soil compaction), early detection of disease and pests, monitoring of growth for optimization of fertilization, as well as prediction of yield.