Gamaya will showcase at START Summit 2016

Gamaya, a Swiss AgTech startup active in smart farming, will showcase its innovative technology at START Summit 2016, one of the Europe’s largest entrepreneurship and tech conference with more than 1’500 attendees, 300+ founders, 100+ investors. The conference will take place in St. Gallen, Switzerland on 18 – 19th of March 2016. The conference revolves around IoT, FinTech and mobility with a geographical focus on Israel. START Summit 2016 attracted many prominent and innovative startups and companies, including SpaceX, Hyperloop – projects of Elon Musk, Uber and other.

The Internet of Things is bound to revolutionize how we interact with our environment. Gamaya will present our unique and novel technology, our vision towards sustainable and symbiotic industrial agriculture as a part of the IoT showcase. The IoT showcase will take place on Friday, 18th of March, at 12:30. You can find more information about other showcases at START Summit 2016 here.

Gamaya addresses commodity crops cultivation challenges by providing a comprehensive solution for large-scale diagnostics of crops based on a novel hyperspectral imaging technology and Big Data analytics. We empower large industrial farming businesses with unprecedented level of situational awareness, allowing for significant cost savings, as well as improvement of quality and quantity of yield. We help farmers to increase profit margin per hectare up to 100%. Examples of services include early alerts for disease, pests and weeds, optimum rates of application for fertilizers, as well as prediction of yield.

The video of the speech from event is available below.