Canefit -decision-support platform for sugarcane
Gamaya introduces CaneFit – decision-support and automation platform for industrial sugarcane cultivation in Brazil

Lausanne, Switzerland – January 22, 2018Gamaya, a global agronomy intelligence provider announced the introduction of a unique solution for large industrial sugarcane growers in Brazil – CaneFit. The platform facilitates the significant improvement of efficiency and sustainability of farming businesses. The CaneFit solution is available today and includes a free trial offering.

The initial focus of Gamaya CaneFit service is in Brazil, where it provides a tailored solution for sugarcane growers and includes a suite of analytical products such as planting efficiency analysis and weeds detection. CaneFit is available through a user-friendly web interface, as well as API that can be integrated with existing farm management software. The actionable maps are delivered throughout the different stages of cultivation and include detailed statistics designed to support optimal and timely decisions. All fields can be compared, analyzed and prioritized for specific agronomical operations. Resulting maps can be exported in industry standard computer file formats compatible with CAD and most field machinery software.

The analysis of drone imagery performed by Gamaya is fully automated, reliable and is delivered within 48 hours. The accuracy of detection of planting gaps is 95%. CaneFit solution helps industrial sugarcane growers to better predict and manage risks associated with planting failures and implement a secondary replanting where it’s needed to substantially increase production efficiency. An increase of up to 10% of yield can be expected for all subsequent growing seasons, assuming that 50% of the sugarcane planting failures can be addressed by a sugarcane grower through a secondary replanting.

Gamaya proposes three commercial packages: Demo, Basic and Professional. The demo package allows testing the solution for planting gaps for free on an area of maximum 2’000 ha during 4 months, subject to a condition that drone imaging is carried out and paid by the client. Basic and professional packages include additional products, such as detection of weeds and yield prediction, both tailored specifically for sugarcane in Brazil. Several products require a customization to reflect the methodology, used by a particular client. Gamaya uses a combination of space-borne and drone-based imaging to deliver products. Further detailed information about the CaneFit solution and commercial packages can be found in English and in Portuguese.

About Gamaya

Gamaya is a Swiss-based company that develops environmental intelligence platform to address crop and region-specific issues to increase efficiency and sustainability of farming businesses. Gamaya uses a combination of space-borne and proprietary drone-based hyperspectral imaging data, along with the corresponding historical climate and weather records. Currently, Gamaya focuses on several strategic markets and provides a tailored solution that includes multiple products from planting efficiency analysis to yield forecasting, weeds detection, detection of nutrients, and beyond.

Media contact:

Igor Ivanov

Chief Commercial Officer