Soyfit – smart solution for soybean cultivation

Weed detection & classification

Precise detection and identification of the weeds infestation in your field

Varied application rate maps so that you target the weeds and only the weeds, saving significantly in herbicides

Detection of nematodes

No more manual sampling and lab costs due to infestation of nematodes

Know exactly where to plant your sensitive cultivars to contain the infestation and minimize your losses

Plant nutrient content

Accurate detection of NPK nutrients with a 30cm resolution

Nutrient deficiency maps at all critical crop stages

Crop stage specific detection and fertilisation recommendations

Yield prediction & growth monitoring

Accurate yield prediction 45 days before harvest

Soybean growth monitoring throughout the season so that you better plan your on-field operations

Why soyfit is right for you
  • POWERFUL MONITORING of your field
  • TARGETED TREATMENT of crop issues
  • EARLY YIELD PREDICTION strengthens price negotiation power
  • BETTER YIELD QUALITY that allows for higher selling prices
  • SUSTAINABLE USE OF RESOURCES that ensures high productivity

SOYFIT solution is a unique toolbox driven by agronomic insights and developed by GAMAYA to address the specific needs of soybean cultivation in Brazil.

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