Challenge: increasing the efficiency of usage of agrochemicals

Farmers spend nearly half of their operational budgets on agrochemicals such as herbicides and pesticides. Unfortunately, they usually apply these to entire fields at a time, increasing their chemical costs and decreasing the efficacy of the chemicals. Furthermore, such widespread application of chemicals harms the environment, endangers human health, and increases the likelihood of chemical-resistance in weeds, pests, and diseases.

Loss to weeds, pests and diseases can range from 20-50%. Manually scouting and sampling to determine the locations of these problems is time-consuming and costly and cannot easily account for the enormous variety of factors that affect crops. Farmers face these challenges within the context of decreasing commodity prices, which applies pressure on the farmers to optimize costs and production efficiency. What if farmers could automatically identify problem areas within their fields and precisely apply just the right amount of agrochemicals exactly where they are needed?

Solution: advanced crop intelligence from Gamaya

At Gamaya, we are helping farmers do just that—be more targeted and automated in combating threats to their crops. By being more effective in how they target crops, growers experience the economic benefits of reduced costs for crop protection, reduced losses to crop threats, and therefore increased yields.

Take for example, weeds in the fields. The problem with weeds is that they compete with the crop for nutrients, water, and space to grow and therefore reduce the yield. Gamaya’s precision agriculture services equips growers with information about the location, type, and intensity of the weeds infesting their fields, allowing them to determine a precise location-specific prescription for anti-weed measures and seamlessly send that information to precision agricultural technology like variable rate sprayers.

Gamaya’s crop intelligence speeds up and reduces the cost of the often manual process of visual scouting for weeds. Thus, Gamaya enables farmers to precisely apply anti-weed measures like herbicides, rather than spraying the entire field. Targeted spraying reduces chemical usage, thereby significantly reducing the farmer’s costs, lowering the impacts to the environment and on human health, and likely slowing the spread of herbicide-resistance.

Precision Agricultural Service using Hyperspectral Imaging Technology

As data analytics company, Gamaya uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to translate hyperspectral imagery data captured by our unique patented hyperspectral camera into issue maps. Pairing AI and machine learning algorithms with the database we are building of crop-location-issue triads, we gain speed and accuracy as we acquire more data and thus are ever better able to help farmers protect their crops. Speed and accuracy are important to farmers who need to respond quickly to various crop issues. By focusing on the analytics, we are creating a business infrastructure that we can scale and more easily adapt over time.

Our Artificial Intelligence/machine learning algorithms ingest data that are captured by our unique hyperspectral camera as it soars over fields. Our unique patented hyperspectral cameras capture 10 times more information than multispectral cameras. The Gamaya hyperspectral camera is the smallest, most lightweight hyperspectral camera currently available – so tiny it can be flown via drones. Not only is the camera itself small, but it compresses data 100 times more efficiently than other hyperspectral cameras, making our data processing quicker, less complex, and less expensive than other hyperspectral sensors.

Gamaya Enables Growers with Crop Intelligence

The crop intelligence that Gamaya provides equips farmers to more adeptly manage their fields. By providing issue maps showing where, what kind, and how intense an infestation is, Gamaya helps farmers to reduce their costs, limit their disease and weed-related losses, and decrease their environmental impacts.