Last week we’ve been in the Silicon Valley for a business acceleration program, organized by the Swisscom as a part of the Swisscom Startup Competition, where Gamaya was one of the 5 winners. Throughout the week we had somewhat around 15 meetings with venture capitalists, industry experts, business advisors, competitors and potential customers. We met the whole spectrum of investors, from seed investors to multi-million crazy investors. We had the chance to interact with the most experienced technology people and the next day have the most superficial conversations. As a highlight, we met with the most knowledgeable person in our field – mind-blowing!

We have been fully exposed to the Silicon Valley environment and realized that the most important factor of startup’s success is the ability to quickly scale a product/ services on a global level. While a state-of-the-art technology provides a competitive advantage, focus on the sales and distribution plays a major role. And the concept of the unicorns is all about the ability to get a significant market share and traction in a short period of time. With this idea we have announced a start of the commercial field trials in Brazil from the mid-November this year. We would strongly recommend to any startup to visit Silicon Valley to understand the industrial scale of building the companies, which is solely driven by american VCs.

Having a global exposure and unique hyperspectral remote sensing technology Gamaya is well positioned in the AgTech ecosystem, and we plan to start fully commercial services of farmland analytics in Brazil by the end of 2016. Gamaya has established several key partnerships with large agribusinesses in South America to leverage the business development.

Check out the great article posted by Penny Schiffer from Swisscom about our trip in Silicon Valley: “Silicon Valley is super-exciting and overwhelming at the same time“. You can read more about our trip here on the KMU Silicon Valley dossier.