During last week Gamaya showcased its unique farmland analytics technology at World AgriTech Investment Summit in London and successfully exhibited at Web Summit in Dublin. Gamaya has made it from 1500 to 40 startups in the pitch competition at Web Summit.

Gamaya, a Swiss startup active in a smart farming, participated in a number of important conferences, including World AgriTech Investment Summit and Web Summit. World AgriTech Investment Summit gathered more than 200 individuals from the AgriTech ecosystem, including large agricultural businesses, VC, investors, startups and agritech innovators. We met a number of world largest agricultural producers from Eastern Europe and they all expressed significant interest in our farmland analytics services. There is a clear raising interest in Europe towards new innovative technologies in agriculture, and UK Minister for Life Sciences has announced at the AgriTech Summit that the agritech sector was identified a key national industry and was awarded £160 million in funding from the Treasury department. Having said that, US still significantly outperforms Europe by investing 100 times more in the new technologies in agriculture. Venture investments in AgriTech sector in US will reach $6bn by the end of the year, with a 250% YoY growth. This makes the AgriTech sector the fastest growing venture sector in Silicon Valley and in the world.

Just after visiting the AgriTech conference in London we flew to Dublin to attend the Web Summit, a largest tech conference in Europe with more than 40’000 attendees. Gamaya participated in the pitch competition and successfully progressed to the Semi Final, which included only 40 world’s most exciting startups out of 1500 startups attending the Web Summit. You can see Gamaya’s pitch below

We have made an interesting observation at the Web Summit, that AgriTech is still a non-format at the largest tech conference in Europe. This highlights the lack of European investments to solve one of the major challenge today. We had a chance to have a conversation with Bruce Upbin, a managing editor at Forbes who is managing technology coverage, and discussed the most prominent startups in the field of precision agriculture and agritech. Bruce, who is well familiar with a Leman-Baikal environmental monitoring project, was excited to hear that Gamaya quickly progresses leveraging the results of the Leman-Baikal research project.

About Gamaya

In the next 30 years the food production will have to increase by another 70%. Gamaya develops the technology that will change the industrial farming as we know it today. Gamaya with its unique farm-land analytics solution for monitoring and diagnostics, empower agronomists and farmers to take charge of their crops and their yields. By analyzing the information provided by our decision-support system, it is clear when a plant or the soil needs nutrients, when crop is affected by disease and weeds, when crop is ready for harvesting.

Gamaya’s solution empowers farmers to achieve significant economic gains including 30% increase in yield, 40% decrease in costs of fertilizers and chemicals, as well as 70% decrease in crop-disease related risks, all of which facilitates the production of quality products and reduces negative environmental impact.