Using proprietary smallest state-of-art hyperspectral camera Gamaya is able to produce high quality and precision hyperspectral data, which is then used for further analysis in order to derive information about plant physiological and chemical processes. The example below shows a result of this analysis and highlights 5 different crop varieties represented by different color variability on an image. These crop varieties include Limagrain, Syngenta, Pioneer and etc.

However, if we zoom-in in particular field then we can derive much more variability. Below on the image, the color variability represents weeds or wild vegetation (violet color), healthy crop (red color), and exposed soil (yellow color). While the field can look very healthy from the edges, we estimate total losses of yield up to 40% on this particular field due to a number of problems: weeds, diseases, mechanical damages, environmental stresses and nutrient deficiencies.

Hyperspectral remote sensing of the field

Gamaya, a smart farming company, addresses soy and sugar cane cultivation challenges by providing an integrated solution for large-scale diagnostics of field crops to boost yield productivity. Gamaya created SoyFit and CaneFit, unique service packages for industrial soybean and sugar cane producers. These products focus on the critical issues for the cultivation: detection and diagnostics of diseases, pests, and weeds; prediction of yield and crop growth monitoring; deficiency of macro nutrients during the vegetative period.

Full field awareness with SoyFit and CaneFit is ensured by having drone and airplane-based flights throughout the season to target diseases, pests, weeds, yield prediction and nutrient optimization. Gamaya solution provides following economic benefits:

  • up to 15% INCREASE of crop yield
  • Up to 30% REDUCTION in fertilizer and chemical usage
  • Up to 30% DECREASE in disease-related losses