Why choose Gamaya?

There are number of competitive advantages provided by Gamaya unique technology and farmland analytics solution for industrial growers of commodity crops:

  1. Agronomy-driven expertize. In Gamaya we don’t just collect data. We look for specific information, necessary to characterize plant physiological processes and symptoms providing a fully integrated spherical understanding of soil, crop and climate.
  2. Full range of farming issues from crop yield monitoring to threats detections are covered by our novel solution tools. Our solution addresses all farming issues that need to be timely treated throughout the season, with the added benefit of using only one trusted service provider.
  3. First commercially viable solution to detect weeds & diseases. No true non-destructive remote sensing solution to detect diseases and weeds currently exists. The ones in existence need intensive scouting from your part, which is costly, slow and inefficient. In Gamaya we are able to identify diseases and different types of weeds present on your farm, within 24 hours after the flight, with no need for human intervention.
  4. Most advanced and sensitive imaging technology based on the hyperspectral imaging allows us to derive much more valuable, precise and accurate information about plant physiology and chemical processes.
  5. Crop-specific and tailored-made analytics. In Gamaya we understand the importance of the location of your operations. That’s why we customize our analytics for the specific crop, soil and climate conditions, and adapt our solutions to the existing operations of the individual industrial grower.
  6. Substantial economic benefits from season one from improved production efficiency due to reducing disease and weed-related losses, to decreasing usage of chemicals and fertilizers and associated costs, and contributing to more sustainable operations.

Full product presentation for soybean growers in Brazil is available here.