13.03.2017 Use of drones or satellites in agriculture

The Gamaya hyperspectral imaging camera is specifically optimised for deployment on drones and caters for many of the existing applications, while facilitating a wide range…

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26.02.2017 White paper: Detection of crop properties using hyperspectral remote sensing

Human eye and digital cameras use 3 bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, so called channels or colors – red, green and blue (RGB). Hyperspectral sensors…

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23.02.2017 Advanced Crop Intelligence to address global food production challenges

Challenge: increasing the efficiency of usage of agrochemicals Farmers spend nearly half of their operational budgets on agrochemicals such as herbicides and pesticides. Unfortunately, they…

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05.06.2016 Multispectral vs Hyperspectral in agriculture

Gamaya is a data analytics company that empowers farmers with unprecedented in-depth understanding of their lands and crops using unique hyperspectral imaging and artificial intelligence….

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04.05.2016 Hyperspectral imaging in agriculture

Spectral imaging is the detection of light reflected by the crop with the use of specialized sensors. It is measured in spectral bands. The higher…

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17.04.2016 Why choose Gamaya?

There are number of competitive advantages provided by Gamaya unique technology and farmland analytics solution for industrial growers of commodity crops: Agronomy-driven expertize. In Gamaya…

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31.03.2016 Is sustainable industrial farming a reality?

There is an ongoing debate about the industrial vs sustainable farming or industrial vs family or local farming. What’s about sustainable industrial farming? How can…

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01.03.2016 Hyperspectral imaging for chemical use efficiency

The reliance of modern agriculture on fertilizers and chemicals can not be underestimated. Indeed, fertilizers and chemicals are commonly used for soil and crops to…

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