Canefit – smart solution for sugarcane cultivation

Detection of planting gaps

Deep understanding of the most sensitive areas during crop emergence

Monitor and quantify the effect your operations have on your overall productivity

Weeds detection & classification

Precise detection and identification of the weeds infestation in your field

Varied application rate maps so that you target the weeds and only the weeds, saving significantly in herbicides

Soil erosion

Sustainable management of your soil resources

Full farm mapping of potential eroded areas

Measurement of all agro-operations and soil impact over the seasons.

Yield prediction & growth monitoring

Plan your harvesting dates at peak crop maturity to optimise your yield

Sugarcane growth monitoring throughout the season so that you better plan your on-field operations

Why canefit is right for you
  • POWERFUL MONITORING of your fields
  • TARGETED TREATMENT of crop issues in real time that leads to significant cost savings
  • EARLY YIELD PREDICTION strengthening your price negotiation power
  • BETTER YIELD QUALITY that allows for higher selling prices
  • SUSTAINABLE USE OF YOUR RESOURCES that ensure a high farm productivity

CANEFIT solution is a unique toolbox driven by agronomic insights and developed by GAMAYA to adress the specific needs of sugarcane cultivation in Brazil.

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