First commercially viable
hyperspectral imaging technology
to address global food production challenges

Our technology


We utilise a combination of unique patented hyperspectal imaging technology, and analytical software to translate raw hyperspectral data into actionable agronomic insights, such as detection of weeds, diseases, nutrient deficiencies and etc. Actionable agronomy-driven information complemented by recommendations are delivered in the form of status and action maps so that you can easily take action in your field.

The uniqueness of the Gamaya’s technology comes from the deep integration of hyperspectral sensors with the data processing algorithms. Our hyperspectral camera, which is able to detect what the human eye cannot, is significantly more sensitive than competitive technology. It is also specifically designed to provide a maximum amount of information when paired with our analytical software. Together, they allow us to predict and learn crop models at an unprecedented rate. By analysing the information provided by our decision-support system, it is clear when a plant or the soil needs water or nutrients. Using this information issues can be quickly identified, treatments can be directed to where they are needed, and both quality and yield can be increased.

Gamaya’s technology was created as a result of several international environmental monitoring projects, including the Leman-Baikal project, multi-year Swiss-Russian initiative to study and preserve our freshwater resources using ultralight aircraft with cutting-edge hyperspectral imaging technology. The inspiring documentary about the international research project Leman-Baikal is provided below.

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