Unique, commercially viable
hyperspectral imaging technology
to address global food production challenges
1 Patented ultracompact
hyperspectral imaging

With our patented light-weight 40 spectral bands camera, you can have access to a wealth of crop information, that can significantly enhance your operations.

2 Machine learning
engine optimised for
precision farming

Software to translate raw data into actionable information uses machine learning and AI, and it can be deployed to the farm using our hybrid cloud solution.

3 Global crop
intelligence based on
agronomic insights

Detailed crop models and database of spectral signatures of different crop-affecting factors to capture crop intelligence and scale it on a global level.

The benefits of hyperspectral imaging technology
  • Most advanced and information-rich technology
  • Crop- and region-specific analytics
  • Agronomy driven expertize
  • Detection of complex problems such as weeds, pests, diseases and nutrient deficiency
  • High flexibility to target specific problems
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